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Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

-john muir


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I have been so lucky to visit on a couple occasions. My first real visit was an 18-hour layover with my mom and a few years later I returned in the heart of winter to shoot a fantastic destination wedding. Iceland is one of the most amazing places on the planet. With only two short visits under my belt, I still yearn for the day to go back explore further around the entire country. Some of my favorite moments are just driving and taking in all the fantastic landscapes.  If you haven’t heard the news, Iceland horses are some of the most fantastic creatures. Iceland’s human population is 100,000 while they have 300,000 wild horses. The horses are curious and kind. Pulling over and saying hi has been typical on all of my visits. The sheep, not so friendly but just as cute.

This is a small collection of some of my favorite nature images.