February 22, 2018

friends, all of them.

Collected snaps of animals.

Animals are fascinating, curious and, overall, just pretty funny to watch. The connection I have with them is an important part of my work and some of these snaps are just my very favorite.

Growing up with a family pet helped me see early on that there is a special bond between humans and animals. Part of that realization led me to become a vegetarian nearly 15 years ago. I am an active volunteer for the Farm Sanctuary and have shot their clothing campaigns for the past two years along with events at the Farm in Acton, California when my schedule allows. Lots of my horse photography can be found on the Lone Mountain Ranch website where I’ve been lucky enough to shoot their still content for the past two years. I encourage my wedding couples to include their animals in their photos as well.

Here’s a small collection of some of my favorite animal snaps.