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Roadside Finds: Almond Blossoms

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I am no stranger to a good roadside stop.

This particular trip I was headed up to the Bay Area to shoot and spend the weekend with a girlfriend. It was quite typical in my first few years of shooting in San Francisco to take the I-5 and drive through the infamously uninspiring plains.

There was nothing really special about the day. I got little extra sleep, gathered my gear and hit the road. I had my typical road-trip Kombucha and munchie snacks. No stops planned and hoping to arrive just before dinner.

This drive was unremarkable until it became the most remarkable.

I started to spot row after row of trees covered in white flowers. Something I had never noticed in dozens of trips over the past years. There were always trees but this was unlike anything I had ever seen. I pulled over and had a time in the paths. It was so serene and still, even being next to the freeway. The only movement here being the occasional blossom float to the ground.

I later learned in research that the almond blossoms only bloom two to three weeks. A delicate and rare sight to see. A pit-stop worth making.