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Wintery Week in Lucerne


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I thought it was a star crossed love, destined from the beginning. We met at Disneyworld watching the fireworks. He was English and had eyes as nice as his accent. I’ll never forget the night he let me borrow his coat. We shared the same birthday. Same day, same year. We met up a couple times, once for a cupcake in Vienna. I always laughed around him. He had this way of making me feel one of a kind. We never dated over our ten year friendship but I always kept a page open for him. We were important to one another, even with miles and oceans apart. I got out of a six year relationship and he was the first person I thought of. We reconnected, got closer and begin talking throughout the day, nearly everyday, still continents apart.

New Years was spent together in Liverpool and it seemed telling of the year. I remember laying next to one another watching the city skyline, holding hands and envisioning the year ahead. I bought a ticket on a Tuesday to fly to see him for a week in February. My heart told me tit was him. The week was great. I explored the streets of Lucerne while he was at work during the day. We did a dinner at home and a dinner out. We went to see Lalaland together and did a proper fondue. He took time off and we had a long weekend in across the border in Colmar. I ended up getting pretty sick and he took great care of me, rushing out in the snow to get medicine and making me feel at ease and conformable. This felt good aside from a few minor hesitations. We were both freshly out of relationships, after all, and this seemed understandable.

I went home and time passed. It turns out, he wasn’t that in to me. He didn’t even address why. It hurt. I envisioned my whole life in Europe with him. After a decade of wondering I finally got clarity. He was not it. The page and chapter was closed. When they have all the cards and don’t play, never give guys another chance. I’ve been done with him ever since.

That’s the story I have about Lucerne. I spent afternoons up in the forest trails, meeting cute dogs and around wandering around the lake. The views from the hotel Gutsch are not to be missed and watching the sun set along the lake is one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. If you have a few hours to stop on the train, do it. Also, this is one of my very first attempts at self portrait work and some of the best bird photos I’ve ever taken. For me, Lucerne reminds me of a love lost. I am still grateful for my week there and hope you enjoy these photos.