San Francisco Engagement, 35mm film wedding photos

portrait of bride on 35mm film

chevy nova wedding photos

unique bridal fan bouquet, captured on 35mm film

35mm film wedding photos

Film Wedding Photography

Some years ago, my grandfather pulled out an envelope filled with old photographs. Some were black and white, some in color, some professional, some very amateur. Some were oddly shaped or scalloped in cut, some had remnants of glue or old writings on the back. Each one told a different story of his life. His time as a Navy sailor, when he was a librarian in public school, when he dressed up in gaudy ill-fitted suits with his friend, when he got married, when he saw the world. He spent the afternoon sharing these memories with me and afterward let me hold on to them for safekeeping. My grandfather has been gone for many years but I still keep the envelope, tucked away in a secret book. From time to time I’ll take them out and remember that afternoon together.

Our photos are snapshots in time, they outlive us when we are gone.

Film Wedding Photography

I am happy to offer 35mm film packages for weddings. All packages include your choice of black and white or color film. I have styles + brands I prefer and very much use what I think will look best with your specific location + wedding. If you have special requests I can try to accommodate where possible. There is a premium for slide film. All film packages include the original negatives + prints of every image. These files with also be digitized and added to your final gallery.



Three [3] rolls of 35mm film with 36 exposures per roll. Total of about 100 images.

Five [5] rolls of 35mm film with 36 exposures per roll. Total of about 180 images.



*Add your package during booking or at least two weeks before your wedding date.