dtla angel's flight engagement session

Oriana + Kerrington

Angel's Flight + Palace Row DTLA Engagement Session

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By far, one of the best things about my job is getting to meet such rad people. Oriana + Kerrington are rad.

In her initial letter to me last year she mentioned how her and her fiance, Kerrington, were both super into classic films. We met over coffee and talked for over an hour about all kinds of things including travel, family + the arts.

When we got to brainstorming locations for their engagement session, downtown Los Angeles came to mind. Palace row and the neighborhoods around have an echo of the grandeur of the olden days of film. It made for an easy choice to explore on a cloudy Sunday morning. I was hoping for some fun conversation + good stories about Hollywood past and these two did not disappoint! We had a wonderful morning exploring Angel’s Flight [Oriana’s first time!], some of the old theatre facades, one of my favorite secret alleyways and ending at the Central Market.

I often brag that my couples are the coolest. Oriana + Kerrington prove this through + through. Here are some of my favorite shots:

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