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Cliffside Proposal in Malibu

I got a phone call a couple weeks back from Akshar, very much out of the blue, telling me about his girlfriend and his plans to bring her to Malibu to propose. From there we created a small game plan on location and setting. He thought of it all, down to the color scheme and finding a dress she would love.

The two, visiting from Houston, are big fans of texas sweet tea so we went with the tagline ‘Sweet Tea for Life?’ as the theme. Complete with chilled bottles in a picnic basket upon their arrival.

I was so moved by Akshar’s thoughtful attention to detail and his desire to make this proposal perfect.

In his own words about his now fiancé:

If I had to describe how the two of us found each other in one word, I would say “serendipity.” I remember the day we met so vividly: how pure her curiosity was in our conversation, how beautiful she looked in her white tank top, yellow shorts, and fedora.

The day I asked her to be my girlfriend, I already had much bigger plans. I remember thinking I was gonna ask her to marry me one day – I couldn’t see myself being with anyone else.

As I began to plan the proposal, my goal was to give my ‘someone special’ the most special and unique gift – a ring that no one else would have, a ring that no one could just walk into a store and buy. Each element of the ring and diamond reflects a part of our relationship. 

I’ll admit – planning the proposal was hard. She’s always inquisitive, so keeping a secret from her proved to be more difficult than I thought. Keeping it a surprise was hard for me too because I love seeing her smile when I share details with her. 

I managed to finish designing the ring and getting it made without her knowing any of the details. I was sure the next step would be easier: picking the perfect place to give it to her. 

I knew the exact place to propose – a European beach. She loves the beach, and I knew asking her to marry me in her happy place would make it so special. But then…we found ourselves in a pandemic. After a few days thought, I decided on Malibu. From the breathtaking waters to the romantic views, I knew this would be the next best thing. 

Then I picked out a dress that I knew would go well with her fabulous style and with Teri’s help, put together a surprise beach picnic. I can’t say enough how perfect everything was.

Getting on a knee at her favorite place with her favorite person and drinking our favorite sweet tea was an amazing way to take that next step in our lives. I’m so grateful to God for bringing her in my life and giving me so much joy. I often reflect on how incredibly lucky I am to have someone in my life who is so caring, inspiring, and loving and how even luckier I am that she chose me. 

I asked Meera the question you asked me, and this is what she wrote me – it made me feel even more blessed to see how deeply she loves me. It still surprises me daily in the best way. 

“ To know Akshar is a privilege, to love him is a gift, and to be loved by him is one of God’s greatest blessings. I could spend every minute of the day listing the things I love about him and never be at a loss for words. He is everything I never even knew I needed, and I cannot wait to start this journey to forever with him. ” 

I was beyond thrilled to play operation secret mission with this one, bringing these two together. Here are some of my favorites…


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