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Protecting your Images with Custom USB Flash Drives from Memory Direct


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In my five year journey of photography, I have accumulated thousands of images. Many for my couples and clients but also for myself. I am a big believer in backing up in multiple places. Sometimes up to three locations in case of a hardware crash, device malfunction or, heaven forbid, some kind of natural disaster where your photos are stored.

I’d like to highlight one neat way to backup your images. For other photographers, this is a wonderful way to brand and customize your experience for your couples.

A company I recently discovered is USB Memory Direct. They are an online wholesale distributor with an array of customizable options for flash drives. I really appreciated their care and communication with my order. USB Memory Direct has storage options and design styles to match any brand. The free + speedy shipping is a wonderful perk too.

Branding is key in almost all decisions I make for my business so customizing my logo to the au natural bamboo wooden tower beauties resulted in a polished + purposeful look. These are a gorgeous addition to the final package my couples receive from their wedding collection. I order 16bg which is enough to store the engagement gallery along with the wedding gallery. About 900+ full resolution images!

The best part is I can buy them wholesale and store them until I need to use them. Compared to other companies on the market this is one of the best-kept secrets. I hope that no matter what device you use, you keep your precious files backed up in a few different spots. This handy usb will just be the most attractive one.