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Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic

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From time to time I like to write a good informative blog to keep couples in the loop and provide them with insider information when I can like LA Venues that feel nothing like LA or ways to include your pet in your Wedding day. Writing some words on re-planning a Wedding during a pandemic is not something I could’ve dreamed of writing but here we are.

COVID-19 has obliterated the 2020 Wedding Season. No one wants to put their family members and friends at risk by throwing a huge party. Many state and city guidelines have put limitations on gatherings. This is the wild west be must navigate as we near the end of summer and numbers continuing to worsen in the US.

Even with that said, hope is not lost my friends.

Perhaps you have postponed already, perhaps your wedding is coming up and you are scared it won’t happen, perhaps you want to start planning but are unsure of where to start with the uncertainty of the future ahead.

I wanted to give you a few options and ideas to help, regardless of where you stand in your planning.

  1. The Backyard Wedding.

Sure, it’s not at the top of a mountain or at the country club with sea views. If you have a backyard or a family or friend with a backyard this is one of the best options for modifying your big day. Earlier this summer I captured a much slimmed down backyard wedding in Wisconsin. The couple wanted to honor their wedding date and still get legally married so they cut the guest list from 200 to about 20. They still did a first look, a full ceremony and bridal party portraits. The night ended with a bonfire and booze. No complaints by anyone.

If you need some design inspiration, one of the most amazing backyard Weddings I did was in Woodside, California. These were non-covid times but the attention to detail on the couples end was wonderful. The even had a dance party with headphones for all.

This option is fail-proof. You are on your own property, you can still get fancy, create something meaningful and get to share the day with many your loved ones. You can be safe and still have that dream wedding day.

2. Elope your heart out.

At one point, an elopement was reserved specifically for those ‘out of the box’ type couples. These days, it’s becoming a bit more normal- which is perfect for a pandemic! I once had a couple go all the way to Iceland to exchange vows and take awesome pictures all day. We had a heck of a time and they have one of the most beautiful albums I’ve ever shot.

Maybe international travel isn’t a option for us but there are a number of amazing places to elope. Think rocky beaches, mountain tops, national parks. This couple stayed right at home in Los Angeles and did a Union Station travel themed Elopement.

You with me?

3. Airbnb Wedding Venue

Spoiler alert: This is an option that some people already take advantage of. Airbnb and VRBO have many options, many quite affordable, were you can rent out entire properties for 10+ people. There are a variety of settings, styles and locations that may be closer to home than you think.

One of my favorite Airbnb micro weddings was at Dillion Beach in North California. The couple rented a beach home and had a small but beautiful ceremony on the beach. We ran around and took epic photos the rest of the afternoon.

Rental properties are a great option when re-planning a more intimate wedding.

dillion beach airbnb wedding idea
pnw coast wedding photos

4. Do it Twice.

I think the thing I hear the most from my couples is ‘I wish we could do it all over again’. With re-planning your wedding this is something you can actually do.

One of my favorite ideas in this pandemic is having a smaller wedding to officially be married and then party on with everyone when it is safe. This way you can keep all of your vendors, your original venue and plans as you originally envisioned them. This is exactly what my most recent backyard wedding couple will do next summer with their 200 person guest list.

You get the best of both worlds here. A smaller, most elopement ceremony and then the event as it should’ve been in safer times.

Hopefully this gave you a few ideas on how to strategize and restructure your wedding. Everyone is in the same, dreary boat at the moment but there are options and there is hope.

This brief lesson in patience will come to an end and the party will go on.

Hang in there,


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