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One Image, Two Visions

A Creative Quarantine Story

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Some of my favorite photographers are Vivian Meyer, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Elliot Erwitt. These artists artfully and authentically capture the world as they see it, using little to no post-processing. I admire my heros but I also appreciate the ability to paint and play with my images in post. The love of taking photos, for me, goes hand in hand with editing.

If it’s true that photography is the reality of the photographer, could one argue that the reality of the photograph can be manipulated to the eye of the artist?

This is a theory I’ve wanted to test for some time and am so happy to make it happen.

Zander and I met while working on a television show called ‘Drunk History’. We quickly bonded on traveling, our shared love of drinking and photography. The show shot at all these wonderful locations in and around LA, some of which are extremely difficult to access to the public. We began spending our lunch break with our cameras, exploring and shooting.

The show has been long done but we have continued to have our own photo adventures.

I’ve always admired how we can take photos of the same subject and have a different finished product. We have often but heads about what is best, or more flattering or makes the most sense.

We’ve concluded that each of us brings a unique vision and voice to each photograph.

I’ve compiled in this post our recent series of images from a sunset trip to the sea. This rare trip we only had one camera, his Sony A7Rii with a 28mm f/2 lens. Most of these are shot f/8 + f/5.6. I picked ten images for us to individually edit.

Below you will find the raw image [as it is taken out of the camera] side by side with Zander’s edit and my edit.

This was a super fun study to put together, I hope you get a kick out of it!


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