Sunny Day in Joshua Tree National Park with Stephanie + Jon

March 16, 2020

Seeing my couples over the years and getting to capture different chapters of their lives is such a joy.

Stephanie and Jon got married a little while ago in Anahiem, a church wedding with an elegant, succulent detailed reception at the Colony House. Just before that we did another trip to the desert with thier dogs, Indy and Presley. Steph is a dog trainer and I remember being impressed with her compassionate command of her animals.

This time we met out in Joshua Tree State Park. Stephanie had always been keen on visiting and taking her dogs. Sadly, Presley unexpectedly passed just before our session. This visit honored Presley and celebrated her newest pup, Tali, who has quite the instagram following.

We picked a few different spots to explore including the Hidden Valley Trail. Every corner of Joshua tree tends to have it’s own desert mystical charm, it’s just picking which trail inspires you the most.

This afternoon was about catching up, reminicing about wedding memories, watching the pups get so excited and exploring a new place. Here are a few of my favorite photos:


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