Indian Fusion Wedding at the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park // Anjali + Vlad

October 7, 2019

I have always dreamed of photographing an Indian Wedding. Something about the myriad of colors, the intricacy of their rituals + the grand scale of it all. The whole idea has a longtime bewildered me. In the past, I have been turned down for Indian weddings because I lacked the experience.

Then I met Anjali + Vlad.

Anjali discovered me by searching online for photos of the Brazilian Room and found my work. Her + Vlad didn’t hold it against me that I hadn’t shot, or even attended an Indian Wedding before. They trusted me and for that I am the luckiest.

Vlad + Anjali met in San Francisco on walk groups they were part of. Even though they grew up worlds apart they are kindred spirits. They brighten each other up and this is evident if they are together in any room. Their engagement was a cloudy, dreamy morning at the Golden Gate Bridge.

We spent full three days of festivities together with their amazing family + friends from all over the world. I highlighted some of the mehndi in this gallery. They did a whole afternoon of pre-wedding ceremony in their apartment and their actual wedding was over in Berkeley.

Some highlights from this incredible day: