For the past few years London has always been an inbetween city, a short layover or a day trip here or there when I could spare the time during my travels to France or the rest of Europe.

I was delighted to be able to group a couple of shoots together, including this honeymoon session, and make a proper uk trip happen.

Driving on the opposite side of the road proved to be very okay thanks to carplay + waze for my navigation needs + reminding me which lane I needed to stay in. This visit in London was on a bank holiday weekend so I lucked out with free street parking just across the street from my hotel.

I stayed about Kensington Gardens so i was in proximity to some of my nostalgic stops like the Peter Pan statue. Some things never get old, or grow up, for that matter.

There’s something so wondrous about waking up before the sun + wandering out into the world that you’ve journeyed so far to see. The quiet stroll through the gardens is one of my favorite memories from this trip.

It was a priority to see the Royal Albert Hall this trip and also Harrod’s. They had been on my list for years + have happily checked them off since.

My journey over to the countryside was a delight. I stopped above London to see some friends before heading to Bristol to visit a dear friend from California. After completing my shoots in the city, I was quite happy to lay low. We went to a homemade vegan brunch with girlfriends, a local trivia pub night + did a daytrip to find sunflowers + explore Bath. Of course there was a Taylor Swift youtube night + time with their loveable kitten, Dharma.

Seeing a new city from a local’s eye is always, always the way to go. I have such a fond connection to this little gem of an English city.

True, and quite embarrassingly so, I learned this trip that Wales was, in fact, it’s own country. To honor my new snippet of geography, I drove up to South Wales before heading back to London. The spiraling mountain road grew more majestic with each mile up to the infamous Tintern Abbey ruins. I’ll never forget turning the final corner, watching the clouds roll past the trees + catching glimpse of the Cathedral. My breath failed me at that moment, quite understandably.

With the tiny bit of extra time I stopped at a very tiny local zoo to see reindeer. Some things don’t need an explanation.

That’s all for words, here are some of my most favroite snaps…