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London Tower Anniversary Session // Fadilah + WJ

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Europe is my favorite place. This summer I did a big French Wedding north of Paris and traveled around learning more of the french countryside. After spending two summers in Paris, in many ways I feel like I understand France.

England, however, I never feel like I get enough time in. The last engagement session was one of my favorite afternoons in Wapping.

I was delighted to get a message earlier this year from Fadilah who was traveling to London for work and wanted to have some photos of her and her husband, JW, in the city where they rekindled their romance years ago. I packed my bags + off I went to spend the early morning hours exploring the swinging city.

This morning was unusually sunny for London, without a cloud in the sky. We met at Tower Bridge before wandering around the Borough Market neighborhood through to the Millennium Bridge. Swapping stories + laughing all the way.

Here are some of my favorites.

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