Morning sessions are the best. I always give extra gold stars to couples that are up for morning adventures. Anjali + Vlad are one of these special pairs.

The two met randomly on a hike through the city. They are not shy to proclaim that they are the most mismatched pair. It is evident in the first fifteen minutes that they are acutally perfectly paired + the real deal.

This was the perfect, cloudy San Fransisco morning. We met at Baker Beach and waltzed around watching the fisherman and admiring the fog seeping over the bay.

Our morning continued over to the Golden Gate Bridge, which we also had to ourselves + then to one of my favorite Presidio spots, Lover’s Lane. Topped of the morning with breakfast at an awesome vegan spot called Judah-licious.

I smile often thinking about this morning, did I mention it was also my Birthday? They made it so very special, re-enforcing why I love this art + ‘work’ so much. If you need me I’ll be over here, anxiously waiting to shoot their wedding!

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