Paris Stills on 35mm // Travel Photography on Film


Images taken on camera that out date me with rolls of film that I have to physically carry with me and manually set advance. No special buttons, no fancy gimmicks.

The good stuff.

I’ve been exploring medium format film earlier this year and was motivated to wipe the dust off of my Canon AE-1 Program.

During my playtime in France, before shooting this incredible wedding, I ended up shooting more than I anticipated on 35mm. A mix of Kodak black and white and Portra 160/400 color. The camera itself is light and low-key. It gives any look I’m going for a cool, functional + retro accessory.

My favorite part is the frailty of it all. You really never know what you will get back. Admittedly, I actually shot an entire evening in Paris in the rain and realized two days later that there was no film in the camera. Teri B error.

These were some that did work out + I’m pretty giddy about them. What do you think?