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France on 35mm Film

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After playing with a doomed medium format Mamiya earlier this year, I was motivated to simplify things and rediscover my Canon AE-1 Program. I bought this camera and a few lens years ago on ebay for about $200 bucks. As I really dove into shooting weddings this body got neglected and sat on my shelf as decoration for years. Even though my medium format adventures were ultimately a fail, there was something I couldn’t get over in the images. Looking back at the tones of these images encouraged me to spruce up my old friend and carry it along to France.

I ended up shooting more than I anticipated on 35mm. The body is lightweight and easy to carry around. It’s discreet and usually gets a few smiles from older generations of photographers. I was lucky film rolls are light and I ended up packing quite a few.

The whole experience of shooting on film is just so special. I’ve always enjoyed the slower pace of things and shooting 35mm has a nice place here. I like the changing of the roll, I enjoy the sharp sound when the shutter clicks, I find such joy in rolling the reel back up and putting it neatly in it’s little container. I also love the mystery of what you get back once the photos are developed. It’s maybe the best part.

This is a little series of images taken throughout my week exploring central and northern France. Some places featured here are Paris, Paimpol, Mont St Michel, Honfluer and the Dordogne region. I was surprised at how beautiful the tones are. They are edited so minimally but feel so romantic and nostalgic, just the way I like my images.

I hope you enjoy these stories, they are some of my favorites I’ve ever captured in France. A mix of Kodak black and white and Portra 160/400 color.

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