Rehearsal Dinner at Chateau de Carsix // Danielle + Milad

I’ll never forget arriving at the Chateau, coming from the sea that morning and meeting Danielle for the first time. She gave me a big hug and offered me a glass of rose, my kind of girl!

Her and her husband to be, Milad, gathered their favorites at this remarkable property just north of Paris. I was delighted to stay with them at the castle for the weekend.

The Rehearsal Dinner weather was a bit finicky, everyone dressed and arrived downstairs for instruction. They had two officiants/friends, one for the French guests + one for the English guests. In the opening and meet and greet the weather broke for just enough time to run through a rehearsal.

I don’t typically get to see the practice and I must say this bridal party was making me chuckle! We walked through everything and then proceeded in for a traditional Persian meal hosted by the groom’s parents. I snuck Danielle + Milad outside for a few portraits on the grounds before some toasts and more laughs inside.

Full Wedding Day to come!