24 hours of Superbloom in Death Valley // National Parks

the earth laughs in flowers.

ralph waldo emerson

If this is true, then the earth shared a whole ton of giggles during the Superbloom in Death Valley in 2016.

An unusual bit of rainfall in January resulted in thousands of wildflowers growing along the typically dry, desert landscape that is Death Valley National Park.

We stopped the second weekend of the phenomena on a whim. I was searching something fun to do on our ride back down to LA after shooting in the Bay. After typing in a few hashtags on Instagram pertaining to California (#explorecalifornia and #nationalparks) I came across one photo with a hiker standing amongst all these gorgeous yellow wildflowers.

I love flowers. Naturally, this was of interest to me.

The next weekend we packed up the car and headed out for a flower fest adn desert sleepover.

This was one of the busiest weekends they had seen in months, but we were still able to enjoy the area and find many places all to ourselves since the park is so vast.

Even with crowds, the park was surprisingly quiet and peaceful. We would stop and listen to the warm breeze, maybe hear the distant car approaching but otherwise, we found the area to be such a gem of serenity, all covered in yellow wildflowers!

Our afternoon was filled with prancing in the bright beauties and enjoying the sunset with our trunk open and dining on leftover pizza. We did some star gazing, stayed for sunset by the sand dunes and headed back to the city.

Many of these were taken by Myke

This is a post rewritten in hindsight about an older chapter of my career and life. I was completing the first year of shooting weddings and learning a lot of photography. We are all constantly growing and changing, often times without realizing it. I feel a lot when I look back at these photos. Some expected sadness since this was is a person who was once my partner in crime, business partner and great love. Losing him was like watching my best friend die in front of me. Seeing these memories do make me happy and proud of my bravery in finding love again. More importantly, these photos make me feel the hope, adventure and beginning stirrings of what would become one of the greatest passions in my life.