i am a fan of flowers, through + through. nothing lifts my spirits quite like seeing new blossoms + blooms in the springtime, or how a bouquet can light up a room or decorate the simplest of spaces.

the bright + cheery sunflower has always held a special spot in my heart, so much that i made my best friend go hunt them down with me in southern france once. [turhtfully i was after lavender for that trip!]. there’s just something about a field full of the yellow blooms. they exude happy + are known to symbolize adoration, loyalty + longevity.

no one loves sunflowers more than priscilla, who came across my blog on sunflowers + asked me to shoot an epic engagement session throughout france. she has always had an affinity for them + kenneth proposed in a room full of them with a diamond ring in the shape of a sunflower. we both would late agree that it was fate that we met.

we shot in the morning at the chateau de la pioline + continued on our mission to find out sunny friends. it was risky to venture out since sunflowers in souther francs are typically harvested during july + early august. i had asked the concierge at the chateau + they did not know of any fields that were still around. off we went anyway. we had a small path planned out but mainly were winging it around the countryside in the morning. the fearless groom to be, kenneth, was our fearless navigator + chauffeur. we ended up taking a series of wrong turns, and low + behold we saw them. in the close distance a patch full of the little guys! pris + i shrieked [literally]

we were jumping up + down with excitement. once we composed ourselves we shot throughout the field eventually continuing on our route to little surrounding towns. we ventured through cobblestone streets + old farm buildings. it was a perfect start to out shoot + a beautiful session. the happiest of them all you could say…

[our adventures continued in paris]

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