new york city.
center of the universe.
one of those must see places.
if you haven’t put it on your list, do it.

i had been itching to go for another visit for months + opted to take my boyfriend, dan, for his christmas gift. he’s a big fan of home alone 2 + had never visited the big apple.
off we went.

our time in the city was brief yet jam-packed.
we didn’t have to many planned experiences, just a few ideas + a whole lot of ambition.

i was hoping for snow.
i got rain.

times square in the rain is, actually, marvelous.
other days it dried up + also cooled way down.

highlights were:
-any view from above [i like columbus circle area from above, the one world trade was expensive but nice, m&m world on times square was a fun angle of times square too]
-eataly [went to both spots, found the flatiron location to be the best]
-la colombe coffee + blue bottle coffee
-black + white cookies, from just about anywhere
-whole foods in columbus circle [fun fact: i am a whole foods enthusiast, this one is my favorite]
-chelsea market
-vegan eats including taim + bychloe

our wish list for next time:
-top of the rock
-more central park time
-more brooklyn time
-more time [in general]

did i have fun?
did i at one point want to live there?
did dan have a good time?
all signs point to yes.
did you take photos?
here they are:

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