It is quite evident that I love animals so I couldn’t have been more thrilled to get the opportunity to meet a very special miniature cow named Moochi.

My friend Tim and his wife Tara acquired a unique type of pet this summer all the way from my homeland up in Minnesota. The two are also animal lovers and fell in love with cows while visiting Switzerland and hearing their bells ringing along the grassy countryside (they are crazy world travelers). Knowing that it was a bit too impractical to have a full size bovine friend, they did some research and opted for a miniature version.

Moochi is a 90% Scottish Highland Mini Cow that lives up in a ranching community in Calabasas alongside three horses: Preston, Wish + Nadia (who particularly enjoys watching over Moochi in their stable).

I was able to drive up to visit the lovable mini on a cloudy but bright Sunday afternoon. We pulled up and walked across to the stables to be greeted by the happiest little cow I had ever seen!  He had a bath the day before but Tara brushed him off so he was picture ready for a shoot with a youtuber who was stopping by to visit. Moochi is no strangers to visitors and is well known around the community. Everyone has to stop and say Hi and take a photo. Some of his friends include Howie Mendel and a couple of the Kardashian sisters.

After being brushed out, we let Moochi eat some hay and run around the pen, snacking on grapes (which are his favorite, along with oranges and anything in his bottle). He is only about five months old and still has some growing to do. It was fun to watch him go crazy for his milk.

Afterwards, we strapped on his leash and out we went for a stroll. Walking a miniature cow is a treat – in the crazy world we live in, there’s nothing like a miniature cow to put a smile on peoples faces.

Follow more of Moochi’s adventures on his Instagram

All images shot on Lilly the Leica (M240) with 50mm 1.4/f Summilux

moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-1 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-2 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-3 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-4 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-5 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-6 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-7 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-8 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-9  moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-11 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-12 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-13 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-14 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-15 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-16 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-17 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-18 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-19 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-20 moochi-the-miniature-cow-teri-b-photography-lifestyle-hidden-hills-photographer-21teri b photography

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