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Pfeiffer State Park Glamping Wedding

Kerry + Christopher

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Kerry + Chris are outdoorsy, woodsy people by nature who very much enjoy spending time in nature – sometimes even with their kitty Lexie (very true, I’ve seen photos). Chris is a surfer guy and Kerry is an enthusiastic bubbly personality on a very popular tech gadget website/blog¬†Engadget.

Their wedding was glamorous, enchanting and incredibly charming for being set in the middle of the woods. They picked Big Sur and Pfeiffer State Park as the setting for gathering their family and friends.The park is just along the edge of the Santa Lucia Mountains and full of redwoods, conifers, oaks, sycamores. I felt right at home.

The two married got ready in a log cabins, shared a first look along a forest trail and married by the river. Reception followed at the picnic grounds and included speeches, dinner + dancing. For portraits, the newlyweds headed out to the cliffs for the most stunning sunset to cap off the perfect day out in the woods.

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