Style Guide


Engagement sessions are a fun opportunity to take time out to embrace your relationship, remember your journey and celebrate the uniqueness of your love. Family and Portrait sessions can relate to this as well. I am about authentically capturing you in this moment. Right here, right now.

This guide was created as a tool for helping you plan your session. One less thing to worry about.

My approach is laid back and candid. The aim is to have fun! We can go wherever you like: spend the town, in the woods, or by the beach. Whatever scenario suits you best. It’s a fantastic chance for me to really get to know who you are as a couple so I can capture the essence of your relationship and get photos that are authentically yours. My favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is meeting new people and hearing their stories. The connection I have with my couples is so important and I develop some really special bonds.

If you’re my wedding clients, this is a great opportunity for me to see how you guys work together and discover your personalities so I’ll be ready to capture all those raw, real, in-between moments that will ensure the photos of your big day are ones you’ll treasure forever. An engagement session is a great warm-up for both of you and a chance to shake off any nerves in front of the camera.

It’s worth noting that after you receive photos of your engagement session I am open to suggestions for anything you may wish to change for your wedding portraits. Some couples prefer more fun photos, or particular angles – others prefer more serious shots. It is all about getting it perfect for you.

When to Book

My schedule is most free during the week with occasional Friday and Sunday, depending on where we are in the world. Work is a normal conflict and I try to be as flexible as possible on dates to suit your schedule.

For the best light, we shoot either at sunrise or two hours before sunset. Mornings are amazing as the streets are empty, the world is quiet and the sun is just starting to break through the clouds. It can feel really early but the magic of this time of day makes it absolutely worth it. Many of my couples have work from home options and we use the morning time to start the day off right. Naps are great too, right?

Also think about what season you want to shoot in. Fall lends itself to cozy sweaters, warm beverages, bonfires and the fiery blaze of the changing leaves. Summer embraces ice cream cones, flowy dresses, bicycle rides along the pier and evening strolls by the beach.

Big Day Deadlines: It’s standard to send your ‘Save the Dates’ four months in advance. I typically take three weeks to edit photos and get your gallery online. You’ll then be able to download your images with a protected password. If we are shooting your wedding too we create a hardcover 8×8 photo guestbook of your engagement photos for your reception. The book is styled by us and we let you pick your color in linen. It arrives with us on your big day!

Location, Location

You are unique and your location should be unique too. It should be somewhere special, that has meaning to you as a couple. Think about places that inspire you, or places you feel comfortable. Is there is a specific place that you enjoy being? Or a place you’ve always wanted to visit? I’ve had couples pick places they were engaged, had favorite dates, or even places they’ve never been to but always dreamed of. Anything is game including walking in woods, dancing down city streets, or horseback riding through mountains – you name it. No experience is too wild.

Think BIG

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble thinking of places to shoot.

I am help to help narrow down options and find somewhere perfect that will enable variety in your photos. Perhaps your favorite beach stroll is just across from a marina; or that dreamy forest setting is right next to the perfect clearing. Themes are awesome. The sky’s the limit so let your imagination run away with you and embrace the romance!

What to Wear

Your wardrobe will help tell the story and bring your personalities to life.

Color is great so develop a color scheme. Pick palettes that complement each other and work with your location. I.e. if we shoot in the forest don’t wear both all green! If possible avoid all white, red, black and distracting patterns. To keep photos timeless, we don’t recommend graphic tees, really trendy pieces or logos. Neutral tones are great, as are pastels and layers. If you want to dress it up to the 9’s - do it! Whatever suits you. Bring comfy shoes along with your fancier ones so you don’t get them dirty and are able to get around easily. Also bring a coat for warmth between shots!

Bringing a couple of options means we can help with decisions and also means we can get a second look. We are available to check out your outfits beforehand if you’d like some extra help.

The most important thing is to be comfortable and confident in your outfits and you will shine.

Still Need a Wedding Photographer?

I photograph engagements and weddings worldwide + year-round. I'd love to learn more about your story and create something with you.