about your session

This is about celebrating this exciting time of being blissfully in love.
It’s a fantastic chance for me to really get to know who you are as a couple so I can capture the essence of your relationship and get photos that are authentically yours. My favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is meeting new people and hearing their stories. The connection I have with my couples is so important and I develop some really special bonds.
After the session the photos are yours, to have and to hold, in about two weeks. This as an opportunity for you guys to let me know what you enjoyed from our session and what you’d like to see more of from your Wedding collection.
This brief guide is meant to help you plan for your session. I encourage you to think outside of the box and ultimately stay most authentic to who two are as a couple.
From there, the art will come.

all i need:

the stars,
the moon,
the sea,
and your hand in mine.
-mark anthony

when to book // choosing a date for your session

Typically we will schedule our session together Monday through Thursday with the occasional Friday or Sunday. Saturdays are typically reserved for Weddings.
The best light is either at sunrise or two hours before sunset. Mornings are amazing as the streets are empty, the world is quiet and the sun is just starting to break through the clouds. It can feel really early but the magic of this time of day makes it absolutely worth it.
If you are really early on your planning, think about what season you want to shoot in. Fall lends itself to cozy sweaters with cooler mornings and interesting clouds and fog. Summer is also great, perfect for floaty dresses, bicycle rides along the pier and evening strolls by the beach.

engagement sessions

Keep in mind the dates that you need the photos for when booking your session. Save the Dates are pre-invitation annoucements, sent before your official invitation, about four months in advance. Some couples also opt to decorate a wedding website or registry with the photos as well. After our session I take about 3 weeks to edit your photos and put them online, meaning we should plan to shoot at least 4-5 months before your wedding day. If you need a wedding guest book with the photos this is ample time to get this proofed and ordered as well.

what to wear

Once you secure your location it’s time to think about what to wear. Your wardrobe will help tell the story and bring your personalities to life. Color is important, picking palettes that complement each other and work with your location, i.e. if we are shooting on the beach how great would a red dress pop? Or a cute yellow or beige sweater in the forest? Primary colors are always classic and work great on camera. If possible avoid all white, black and distracting patterns. Matching outfits should also be avoided but do play with subtly blending each others colors. To keep photos timeless, avoid graphic tees, really trendy pieces or logos. Neutral tones are great, as are pastels and layers.
If you want to dress it up to the 9’s – do it! Whatever suits you. Bring comfy shoes along with your fancier ones so you don’t get them dirty and are able to get around easily. Also bring a coat for warmth between shots. Don’t forget accessories and little details like necklaces and gems, belts, hats, headbands, your favorite flowers, a picnic basket, champagne, your favorite furry friends, or snacks or umbrella — mix. it. up.
Confidence is key. Many of my brides opt for their makeup and hair trial to be the same day as their engagement session just so they have that extra bit of courage. Some also get their nails or toes done if you are wearing anything open toed. Be sure to remember a loose powder or lipstick for touch-ups as we shoot or change looks while shooting.
If you are unsure, bring a couple of options and I can help pick what might be best on the day. The most important thing is to be comfortable and confident.
You will shine.
If you need visual inspiration, check out my boards here

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luck favors the prepared

I’ve included in this guide many ways and examples of how to successfully prepare for your engagement session. Please know that nothing is set in stone and some rules are meant to be broken. The idea is to create something that will be meaningful to you both. Authenticity is the magic ingredient. If it is true to you, that will be enough. I hope this helped you focus, gather a few helpful tips and help you prepare for this session. Spending some time together will be fun and I can’t wait to get started!