Meet Teri B

there is just something about about this city.

i noticed it the moment the train headed into the gare du nord station upon my very first visit to the city as a youngster. that trip was two days, filled with a long day at the louvre, a small stroll on the seine to see notre dame + hole in the wall chinese food with my grandparents in the 10th. it was gritty + quick but made a lasting impression on me.
since then, i have spent dozens of pop-over long weekends, my 18th + 28th birthday + two full summers living + learning the city of light.

it was always a dream of mine to actually live in the city + during my time i spent nearly every day in the streets discovering the nooks + crannies, the quiet corridors + best views. the shortcuts, best times to shoot + how to make the most of the city in my photos. i’m not fluent in french but i do know the best chocolate chaud (hot chocolate), croissant + macaron stops in the city.

i love paris + even more i would love to create something beautiful for you during your time in the city.

Bonjour, Mes Amis

with its series of vast + unique bridges, cafes + bistros lining nearly every corner, the smells of fresh bread being baked + watching the crepes being crafted by street vendors, the buzzing of mopeds going by or the quite flow of le rive seine as you enjoy a picnic of only your favorite french bites, watching le tour eiffel illuminate the sky after dark, strolling through cobblestone streets transporting yourself back in time or embracing each tiny moment of wonder in the most beautiful city in the world.
paris is a dream.

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