And while she never felt quite normal,

she was no where crazy.

She just loved too much.

Choosing to see the world

through her heart,

instead of her eyes.

-jessica michelle

Lover of the simple things. I enjoy being by the sea, getting thai food + planning adventures. Dreams fascinate me and I am still perfecting my old- fashioned recipe.

The greatest gift I received growing up was travel. Everything was modest but seeing the world made me feel rich. I developed a strong desire to capture these beautiful places. My go-to's: film photos and journaling. I would keep photos tucked away in books and taped to my walls.

These fond memories were my constant sources of wonder, joy, and inspiration.

After college I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and very much stumbled upon becoming a wedding photographer. Surprisingly, I found the storytelling of a wedding day to be unique, unexpected and lovely. I also found that my years of performing had unknowingly trained me to anticipate and capture moments naturally.

Much like my travel photos, I want your wedding photos to be a collection of moments and memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.

I would the love opportunity to create something you will cherish.

Nostalgic Storyteller + Friend

teri b

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Monument Valley with Indy

Abandoned City of Pripyat

Hollywood Actress to Wedding Photographer

10 fast facts:

Studied Theatre and Business at Texas Tech University

From Minnesota

Vegetarian, mostly vegan

Has a dog named Indiana, he's 13

Zooey Deschanel's stand in on 'New Girl'

Would love to live in a Lighthouse

Eyes are grey and sometimes change color

Once played Britney Spears on a cruise

Watches ghost hunting shows, coincidentally afraid of the dark

Loves pinball machines

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