an afternoon at the getty museum shot on mamiya c33 // film diaries

Creating is easy nowadays. It’s easy to pull out a camera or phone and snap something so that you can smile about it later.

The idea that you can cherish your captured moment is why I fell in love with photo taking at such an early age. I love reliving life through my snaps. Plain and simple.

I recently picked up a vintage Mamiya C33 and have been playing with it whenever I can in my short off-season. When I pick it up it feels like I am holding the past in my arms. When I gaze down at the viewfinder I feel like Vivian Meyer, seeing the world through and grainy and timeless filter. When I press the shutter button I feel like I am creating something really special.

Here are a few of my favorite snaps from Zander and I’s afternoon exploring the Getty Museum. Protip: If you are local or visiting LA I can’t recommend enough going midweek. Crowds were low and you can waltz about at your own pace without feeling anxious or rushed to see it all.

Zander does his own amazing work.