macarons are a french staple. they are delicate, fragrant + colorfully little cookies found in all the best bakeries in the city.

my first summer living in paris i stayed in the 9th on rue-saint-anne, home to little tokyo + some of the best udon spots in france. i would spend my days strolling in my various favorite paths, one of which included a stroll down to rue de rivoli to see the summer carnival lights in garden de tuilleries. i would stroll past from angelina every time i took this route, peeking in the doors after hours but never actually going until one of my last days in the city. [foolish girl!]

angelina is known for its l’african chocolat [hot chocolate] + famous patesserie, the mont blanc, an airy meringue disc topped with a whipped cream + chestnut crème vermicelli. the hot chocolat is still a staple anytime i am passing through [takeaway version is perfect size + only 4.90€]

it’s also common of my to snag a four pack of macarons, which i find some of the best in the city. on this rare [+most happy] occasion, i got a box huit [8] + had a photo shoot on my desk.


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