its no surprise that i am a fan of french things.

all the french things.

one day fine summer day in the city, whilst wandering about the 6th/7th my mom + i were out in search of a good chocolate eclair.

we found one. it was okay.

we continued on the journey + visited the assemble national gift shop. they had these strange, yet adorable chickens made from french plastic banners. naturally, i had to take one home. around the corner we found richart chocolats + the point of this blog.

at the time, in 2016 this was the only place that did mini macarons. i was mesmerized. instead of the normal 6 flavors, i got to chose TWELVE [12]!  what a treat, in more ways than one. i took a few photos on from my balcony before devouring a few. they are mini so they count less, am i right? 🙂

the flavors were really great, the novelty alone made these one of my favorites in the city.

here are a few snapshots.


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