new zealand adventures: hobbit homes, friendly animals, a lighthouse + clouds for days

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July 28, 2017

my family + i traveled to oceania earlier this summer.

the group priority was australia. the teri b priority was new zealand.

let’s just say, i’m very convincing + i managed to get everyone onboard.

touch down in auckland + i shot one of my favorite couples

we were then off to hamilton, just south of auckland, as a base for our adventures in northern kiwi territory.

the morning started in the land of hobbits. we all hopped on a bus + the epic melody started playing right as a flock of sheep came up from the dewy hill and formed a line as they frolicked into the morning sun. i nearly died of happy.

hobbiton has been there since the original filming of lord of the rings, some structures were removed but eventually rebuilt + set as a semi-permenent structure when they came back and shot the hobbit series. they were darling. working on movie sets the better part of the last 7 years its always fun to see where movies are filmed around the world. a tiny obsession that began years ago + stuck.

the second adventure of the day was repelling a football fields length down the mouth of a cave + climbing out + seeing glow worms + climbing a 30m metal ladder.

can’t recommend northern new zealand enough. it far exceeded my expectations, which sat quite high to begin with.

on a plane + to the south island + dunedin the next day (did i mention this was a quick trip? it was)

highlights there included cows, stretches of green fields, sheep, the most insanely gorgeous, droopy clouds, goats, waterfalls, blue penguins. true story.

the southern island was so barren, i just loved the pace. people were a rarity. it was perfect.

i’ve chatted enough, here are my photos.


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