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July 12, 2017

a little morning of getting ready for the day in la.

shot on lilly the leica. featuring music from we the dreamers.

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Film Diaries: Golden Gate + Alcatraz
San Francisco is a great city to kill some time in. Fortunately, our schedule allows this pretty often which we are beyond grateful for. There's nothing better than getting lost on a cloudy day in search of a pastry treat and a warm cup of chai (the coconut kind of course). After our session at the Ghirardelli Square we stopped at the mini Le Marias Bakery for a snack. Felt right at home with the decorated Paris montage along the wall. This free time was spent strolling Marina Boulevard on the better part of the Saturday mid-morning. Streets were crowded with people enjoying the brisk weather, joggers breezing by, bikers, rollerbladers ...
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For every three people in Iceland there is one wild horse. That is a fact. That is also one of the many reasons why Iceland is just amazing. My mom and I chose a semi-longer layover en route to Paris. We rented a car from one of the several car companies and trekked out into the wilderness- not just an expression! Most layover visitors and stories we heard were from people who visited the central and surrounding areas of Reykjavik. In our research there were many possible routes that all had fascinating sights but it was the abandoned plane crash of the US Navy Douglas that really caught our eye. Justin Bieber even did a music video ...
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I can't believe this happened. I can't believe this was really real. I can't believe I got to see it. Super Bloom. An unusual bit of rainfall in January resulted in thousands of wildflowers growing along the typically dry, desert landscape that is Death Valley National Park. We stopped the second weekend of the phenomena on a semi-total whim. I was searching something fun to do on our ride back down to LA after shooting in the Bay. After typing in a few hashtags on Instagram pertaining to California (#explorecalifornia and #nationalparks) I came across one photo with a hiker standing amongst all these gorgeous yellow wildflowers -- I ...
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