i had the great privilege of being asked to shoot some photos for an ongoing journalism project Make a Place.

we got to tour the facilities at knotwork la in highland park. she sells online + at anthropologie!

a tiny excerpt from the article by Anna Hogton:

We spend a morning with Knotwork LA, a ceramics (mostly) company based in Los Angeles. Linda Hsiao serves us barley tea in her hand-made tiki cups and tells us how she created the company with her husband, architect and woodworker Kagan Taylor. Knotwork, she explains, was born out of a desire to create beautiful, useful things. The wordplay of the company’s name,‘not work’, sets the tone for the approach they have to making. They believe the process should be fun and playful. Linda has always been fascinated by people’s connections to objects and blends her training in industrial design and ceramics to make beautiful, functional hand-made pieces. From female tiki cups to bird jugs, Linda is always looking for novel ways to explore her craft. She tells us about developing her language, why L.A is the perfect place for a ceramist and why the world should be a place where people feel a connection to all things from rare sights in nature to objects used every day in a home.

I had a lot of fun waltzing around + getting lost in Linda’s whimsical designs and creatures. Art is alive here.

Here are some of my other favorite photos from our visit that morning.

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