Half Moon Bay Engagement Session at the Fitzgerald Wildlife Reserve, Ca // Rachel + Nick

November 16, 2016

This is the day that the rain was kind.

The sky hung around with an ominous grin all morning before I headed up to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve just above Half Moon Bay to shoot Rachel + Nick’s engagement photos. Typically, the rain is well received but we really hoped it would clear up for this shoot so we could have a bit of variety. The afternoon was crystal clear, even with a bonus touch of sunshine.

The Reserve had all kinds of beautiful areas to use as our backdrop. We explored the forest bluff and played among the beautiful trees. Rachel and I immediately bonded on art, she is a talented interior designer, and Anthropologie. An outfit change and we finished up the session down on the beach. The clouds showed up and we had a good time checking out the tide pools. Theses two are rock and roll kids at heart + crazy in love. Can we also mention that red lipstick?

Dream couple, dream shoot.

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