Lost in Flowers + Sunshine: Adventures in Provence, France

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October 29, 2016

Little secret: growing up I was a tomboy. I loved wearing T-shirts that were three sizes too big, socks pulled up mid-calf + Adidas [all day]. I would spend my time shooting hoops outside of my house, attempting to skateboard + use any opportunity I could to live up to my ‘Sporty Spice’ persona. Who would’ve thought that the same little tomboy would grow up to dream about getting lost in fields of flowers? Well, she did + she does.

Flowers are lovely in their fragile + delicate nature. They are my favorite gift to give and receive. Seeing them always fills me with joy.

It has been a dream of mine for many years to see lavender fields in the South of France. My trips to Europe have gotten me close but I never really pushed to see them until this past summer when one of my best friends Chelsea came to visit.

We took the morning train down from Paris + rented our car from Avignon (ask Chelsea about our manual car rental attempt). From the train station we spent some time exploring the windy streets of the city, eating lavender ice cream + shopping a bit. Onto our airbnb in a very tiny + typical provincial town called Robion. Our place was historic but creepy, a whole other story.

Dinner made up of local fruits, vegetables, cheese + bread on the balcony overlooking the sunset is something I will not forget.  We loved walking around, watching cats scurry about, locals eating dinner + finishing up the summer day laughing in their homes. Miles away from normal and oh, so blissful.

The next day we went down to the coastal town of Marseille + walked around in the heat as long as we could before heading back up to find FLOWERS. We drove past Carpentras and found sunflowers…like hundreds of them. Nothing more beautiful.

Our journey continued onto Sault, one of the three main french lavender harvesting towns. Couldn’t really have predicted or prepared myself for what it would actually look like seeing a valley of lavender fields. It was, in short, magic.

We spent some time exploring the medieval hilltop town, seeing the selections of seeds, bushels + other lavender goods. Best Organic Lavender Ice Cream EVER. Off to explore in the fields. The wondrous thing about France, and most of Europe in general is that if you are respectful you can get really up really close to things to get photos. Well, in my experience at least I have had a lot of luck 😉

We were smitten with lavender lovelies. The smells were incomparable, the sound of the busy bees kept us company + we danced in delight around the rows and rows of tiny purple bits of goodness.

In short: Dreams come true. Here lies my proof…

france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-58 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-19 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-22 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-20 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-21 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-24 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-23 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-28 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-2france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-29 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-30 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-31 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-32 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-3 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-1 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-27 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-33 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-26 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-34 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-35 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-36 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-38 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-37 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-39 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-40 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-41 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-42 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-5 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-6 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-7 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-4 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-8 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-43 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-44 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-48 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-56 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-45 teri-b-photography-france-6933 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-46  france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-12 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-14 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-49 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-52 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-51 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-53 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-50 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-54   france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-16  france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-13 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-18 france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-15france-photographer-lavender-fields-summer-destination-wedding-57

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