rebecca + brett: maternity session at the enchanting matador beach in malibu

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October 4, 2016

Rebecca is a talented interior designer + wedding planner. We met planning our own styled shoots almost a year ago.

Her and her hubby Brett are expecting their first son + I was so happy to shoot a few photos on a quiet morning at Matador State Park on the Malibu Coast.

This little hidden gem in Malibu is somewhere I’ve always wanted to shoot and this morning proved to be perfect. The rushing water, crashing waves, hints of cool and golden blue from the sky set the scene and I let these two take it away. Show-offs.

I adore this session and can’t wait for the little one to arrive!

matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-1 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-2  matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-10 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-11  matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-25 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-3   matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-18 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-19  matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-23 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-24  matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-27 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photographer-21 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photographer-20 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-28 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-29 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-22 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-16 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-14 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-6 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-7 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-8  matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-13 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photographer-31 matador-beach-malibu-maternity-family-session-teri-b-photography-30

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