Grey Skies, Wild Horses + an Abandoned Plane Crash: Eighteen Hour Stopover in Iceland

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July 29, 2016

For every three people in Iceland there is one wild horse. That is a fact.

That is also one of the many reasons why Iceland is just amazing.

My mom and I chose a semi-longer layover en route to Paris. We rented a car from one of the several car companies and trekked out into the wilderness- not just an expression!

Most layover visitors and stories we heard were from people who visited the central and surrounding areas of Reykjavik. In our research there were many possible routes that all had fascinating sights but it was the abandoned plane crash of the US Navy Douglas that really caught our eye. Justin Bieber even did a music video there (not the deciding factor-for the record!)

We were really interested in the ice caves too but those are closed during the summer. Our destination was the Black Sand Beach and to work our way back. We took stops to marvel at waterfalls, admire cute wildlife, take a nap + enjoy one of the most scenic, untouched places in the world.

We ran out of time to actually go to the Blue Lagoon but stopped in and got to take a peak- very expensive + a little touristy we thought. The majority of people seemed to enjoy camping through the country or traveling by car. We couldn’t remember the last time we had seen so many hitch-hikers! Driving was very easy, roads were marked well but the road was small! The speed limit seems suggestive at best.

Food in the country was expensive and scarce. Our treat of the day was authentic ice cream from the island but it was $7 for a tiny cup of it. We stumbled upon a grocery store in the morning and picked up a few things- I was happy to have had a pita sandwich I had packed in my bag before.

Overall Iceland was well worth the stop. I will say if your onto Europe or whatever is shorter to plan ahead with jet lag- we found it especially difficult to get on a normal schedule after being awake for nearly 32 hours!

These were all shot on Lilly the Leica (M240) with a 50mm Summicron f/1.4.


Iceland Teri B Photography-1003488Iceland Teri B Photography-1003480 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003484 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003495 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003496 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003500 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003506 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003513 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003516 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003517 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003520 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003522 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003525 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003527 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003535 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003543 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003547 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003550 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003552  Iceland Teri B Photography-1003557 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003563 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003565 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003566 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003571 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003577 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003578 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003582 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003584 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003586 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003589 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003593 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003595 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003596 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003598 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003604 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003606 Iceland Teri B Photography-1003607

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