karen + will: whimsical outdoor destination wedding in sonoma county, california

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June 4, 2016

Karen + Will fell in love with Northern California, specifically the Russian River + Armstrong Forest area a few months before becoming engaged. This fun loving + incredibly sweet couple were infatuated with the gorgeous wine country and it was a no-brainer for their location after Will proposed. Most of their family and friends hail from New York and had never ventured out to the West Coast. They opted for a true destination wedding to celebrate the union of  their marriage and to have all their dear ones experience the coast that they love so much.

The day started with a ceremony in the Armstrong Forest among the giant redwood trees. The grooms sister officiated and guests watched from large wood benches in the heart of the forest. There was a champagne toast immediately following along with family and portraits as the sun beamed through the enchanting trees. The party continued in shuttle vans to McCrostie’s Winery + then to Thomas George. Both settings were vastly different, one was a porch setting enjoying the vineyards and sprawling Russian River mountainside, the other was in a wine cave. The day finished with dinner in Santa Rosa.

We had the best time spending time with this intimate group + celebrating the love of these two wonderful people.

Many happy congrats (+ cheers!)


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