I am a Vegan for several reasons. Mainly because I love animals and would never want them to die. I’d love to share more if you want to know but I will leave it at that for now.

Vegan food is fairly easy to come by in Los Angeles, its popularity is growing all across the world from my experience but in California we are really spoiled with awesome choices. The Vegan Street Food Fair was held yesterday in North Hollywood.


Seeing so many people, from all walks of life, come out and eat vegan food!

The kindness I witnessed, so many people interacting and being gracious and grateful to be surrounded with people who feel and live the same kind of cruelty free life.

The variety of food: cajun jambalaya, mac & cheese, hot dogs, tofu tacos, sweets and pastries of all kinds too. Many offering totally free things and other small bites ranging from $1-$3 dollars


Lilly the Leica provided these fun photos from a very fun day in North Hollywood.

Details about the event

Noteworthy featured Vendors: Cuppycakes,

The Herbivore Clothing Company

Donut Friend

Sage Organic Vegan Bistro (Los Angeles)


Suncafe Organic



I went vegan for the love of nature and living a healthy life. I wish there is such an event in our place.

Where do you live? LA has lots of options but I find vegan culture is really expanding, thank goodness 🙂