Tim and Lacey do things differently and I couldn’t love that more about them. One of their first dates Tim set up a candlelit dinner on the famous Pasadena Bridge at sunset. He proposed over a bag of chips and opted to wed under the two dueling dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

Getting ready and first look took place at the Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles before doing portraits around the grounds at USC. I admired how they made dinosaurs feel elegant and gorgeous in their wedding details. They did the famous Kogi truck for dinner and had quite an evening of speeches, music and dancing in the display rooms.

Their whimsical personalities and beautiful romance are what I really take away from this day- what a fun one!

[**2021 update** Reblogging in some updates and wow this one is such a walk through memory lane. This was fresh into my second year of shooting weddings, as you will notice the ‘myke + teri photography’ watermarks. I love seeing how my art progresses as years go by. This one the silhouette work stands out to me. I had an affinity for it then which is still in my work now. Still shooting weddings in LA, I hope you’ll see my recent art]