These two were engaged six years to the day of this session at the Arboretum in Dallas, Texas.

It was particularly sweet to capture photos at the water fountain where he got down on one knee as she silently stood, shaking in sheer delight until she agreed 🙂 I sat across from the fountain and just let them get lost in this moment of reflection- it is my favorite shot of the collection.

Sadly, not a ton of flowers were in bloom earlier this month when we went but we did manage to utilize the gorgeous patches of yellow tulips. They have a vast array of locations and it was fun to wander the grounds and explore.

Just as they say, everything in Texas is bigger. The admiration these two have for each other is no exception.

I love this shoot.

Yee-haw, Ya’ll!  Too much?


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And yes, I got a tulip shot too 😉