Teri B Travels: California Almond Blossoms

February 22, 2016

I was driving up to Northern California, as usual, along the 5 freeway. It was an ordinary trip up, Coldplay and Taylor Swift were blasting in the speakers, kombucha was snuggly in the cup holder and [luckily] most all of my photo gear was in tow with me.

It was a perfectly normal trip up, until, it wasn’t.

About halfway through my trip I came across the most wondrous almond blossom trees. Fields upon fields, row upon row. I was so amazed by the first batch and to my great delight crops continued for nearly hundred miles! I scouted my perfect spot to stop and went crazy.

The setting was perfect; the sun hid under billowy clouds of blue, the light winds carried just enough of the flowers off the trees and into the air and the stillness of the afternoon embraced me in comfort as I was surrounded by literally thousands of little buds of pink and white. I am honestly still wondering if it really happened.

As a forewarning, below are twenty photos of just almond blossom trees in different ways.

I’m in a few.

That’s about it.

I’m totally cool with it, hope you are too.


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