San Francisco is a great city to kill some time in.

Fortunately, our schedule allows this pretty often which we are beyond grateful for. There’s nothing better than getting lost on a cloudy day in search of a pastry treat and a warm cup of chai (the coconut kind of course). After our session at the Ghirardelli Square we stopped at the mini Le Marias Bakery for a snack. Felt right at home with the decorated Paris montage along the wall.

This free time was spent strolling Marina Boulevard on the better part of the Saturday mid-morning. Streets were crowded with people enjoying the brisk weather, joggers breezing by, bikers, rollerbladers cruising along and tons of my favorite- puppies! I appreciate this side of the city because its very local and, even with all the activity happening, extremely laid back. Also, the perspective of the pier was lovely, and not just because of the film 🙂

Finishing this share with photos on Alcatraz Island. The view was incredible. I played with space in my shots to show the magnitude and more importantly seclusion of this old prison. There’s definitely beauty on the island too, not to mention the best view of the city.