A Girl + her Horse // Equestrian Portrait Photography in Dallas, Texas

February 17, 2016

A girl and her horse.

I was thrilled to shoot a horse for the first time (professionally!)- what a thrill. These creatures are so big and so majestic and so unpredictably lovely. We braved the 29 degree Texas morning and headed out to the stables.

The grass had a crisp layer of frost and the pond was waking up to a stream of misty fog. The sun rose just in time to start the day and warm our frozen fingers and toes.

Reba, the horse, was happy to take a morning trot around the pen. We entertained and were able to pose her with the help of carrots and peppermint oat treats- which I recovered from my jeans while unpacking last week.

She knew right away where the snacks were stashed and would come up to my backpack expecting me to put the camera down and give her a treat. I gave in, but only because she was a natural in front of the camera 🙂

We finished with some running and turning tricks in a smaller pen and then to the stables for breakfast.

Early rising and cold braving was so worth it – I just adore this collection.



[…] afternoons we visited Reba in the stables for a bath! Reba is my sisters lovely horse that I shot earlier in the year. It was fun watching the process as I never get to be around […]

Soooo Beautiful! Love these girls (the photographer and the human subject)! The horse is beautiful too! 🙂

Thanks so much sweet lady!! Appreciate the little note 🙂