Clouds + Rain: Playing on an Unusually Blissful Day in Malibu

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February 9, 2016
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Grey Skies, Wild Horses + an Abandoned Plane Crash: Eighteen Hour Stopover in Iceland
For every three people in Iceland there is one wild horse. That is a fact. That is also one of the many reasons why Iceland is just amazing. My mom and I chose a semi-longer layover en route to Paris. We rented a car from one of the several car companies and trekked out into the wilderness- not just an expression! Most layover visitors and stories we heard were from people who visited the central and surrounding areas of Reykjavik. In our research there were many possible routes that all had fascinating sights but it was the abandoned plane crash of the US Navy Douglas that really caught our eye. Justin Bieber even did a music video ...
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Real Danish Pastries + an Enchanting Theme Park: København
Denmark is beautiful. I often use Copenhagen as a cheap layover when traveling to Europe. It's easy to get in to and a nice little place to catch your bearings. The city is a little spendy but good prices for a hotel can be found. I've stayed in the airport on a couple occasions- it just seems to work out- it's wonderfully safe and quite cozy. A trendy, modern place with a quaint feel. My favorites about the city: Andersen Bakery: right outside the train station and connected to Tivoli. The chai is perfect and the pastries are the best I've ever had. Ever. Tivoli Gardens: I learned about this place from one of my favorite books gr ...
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red dress in the city.
from time to time i enjoy being in front of the camera. this time i had a red dress + found myself in downtown. these were taken with my shooting partner in crime. we shoot together teri b // destination wedding photographer in california + europe
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