Heights + Pipes: Centre Pompidou

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February 8, 2016
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A Dark Paris Past: Abandoned Human Zoo in Vincennes Woods
Abandoned places are just my thing. This one has been on my list for awhile after my mom discovered it on the inter-workings of the web and finding new [and bizarre] things for us to see in beautiful Paris. In a nutshell: in the late 19th and early 20th century there was a trend of having 'Colonial Exhibitions' that displayed wonders of exotic places in the world without having to travel to remote locations. This included bringing in wildlife, recreating architecture + [horrifyingly] native people. In short, human zoos. These were very popular and took place all around the world to promote education and as a form of odd entertainment. P ...
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spring blossoms, victorian homes + vintage cars: a photo adventure in angeleno heights
i love photo adventures with creative people. barret bowman of the production company ohforshow shot with me in angeleno heights over the weekend. the blossoms were out, victorian homes are amazing, i met cute puppies, he chilled with vintage cars + we re-created our own levi's ads from the 90's. it was a success. i mainly shot barret on lilly the leica (m240) + he shot me on a canon 5dmarkii with various lens.             i shoot portraits, headshots, lifestyle sessions + weddings all over the world // teri b photography // learn more
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mini-video blog: a morning in the life of teri b.
a little morning of getting ready for the day in la. shot on lilly the leica. featuring music from we the dreamers.
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